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Electronic Payments for Rio Hill Residents

Dear Valued Residents,

Rio Hill Apartments will begin phasing out physical rent checks and money orders to the office. What does this mean for you? No rent payments will be accepted at the Office in the forms of CHECK, MONEY ORDER or CASHIER CHECK. Cash is still not accepted at the Office.

Effective JANUARY 01, 2024: Rio Hill will only accept electronic rent payments. You will no longer be dropping your rent at the Office in person or in the night drop box.

Any money orders or cashier checks or personal checks that are dropped at the Office on and after this date will be RETURNED to the Resident, so please make sure you comply to avoid any Late Rent and Late Fees.   

Many Residents already pay electronically with either electronic check (ACH), debit/credit, or with EMoney (electronic money order) at an Authorized Payment location such as Walmart or Kroger or other. We will provide you with a list of all Authorized Payment Locations so that you, too, can begin paying electronically, as required by JANUARY 01, 2024.  We will also provide you with a Payment Coupon that lists your Account Number, if you choose to pay at an Authorized Payment location such as Walmart or Kroger. The cost to pay with ACH through your portal is FREE! EMoney at an Authorized Payment Location: the fee is about the same as purchasing a paper money order.

Below is a printable form to enter the contest and to provide us with the requested information regarding your registration for the Online Resident Portal. If you don’t already have one. This portal will be how you pay by: Electronic check, debit/credit. We will email you the “HOW TO” instructions for the portal. It’s super easy to use!!


Click o the link below for the printable form:

Online Payment Only Rio Hill

Please complete the following information on the backside of this notice and return to the drop box by no later than NOVEMBER 15, 2023. NOTE: you may begin paying electronically BEFORE January 1, 2024- you don’t have to wait!!


Thank you!

Property Manager


EARLY BIRD CONTEST!!! Return this form EARLY, by NOVEMBER 15 and begin paying electronically BEFORE January 01, 2024, to go into a random drawing to win one of the following: WAWA/AMAZON/VISA Gift Cards!! (Multiple prizes to be awarded)!

Everyone who pays electronically in the months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER will be entered! Even if you’re already paying electronically, you’ll be included!




PLEASE CHECK one of the below and return to the Office by: NOVEMBER 15, 2023


_______ I have registered an account in the online website Resident Portal so I have access to begin paying Rent electronically, effective January 01, 2024.

 _______ Please provide me with a Payment Coupon so I may pay at an Authorized Payment location.

 _______ BOTH OPTIONS above. I am registering for a Resident Online Payment account on the website AND be provided with a Payment Coupon so that I may have the option to pay at an Authorized Payment Location.


Building #: _______________________ Apartment #: _________________

Lease Signer Name: _______________________________________    

Email: ___________________________________________________________   

Phone: ______________________________________________

Lease Signer Name: _______________________________________    

 Email: ______________________________________________________________   

 Phone: ______________________________________________

 Lease Signer Name: _______________________________________    

 Email: ______________________________________________________________   

 Phone: ______________________________________________







Dear Valued Residents!


MidSouth our roofing contractor will be on-site making repairs to your building starting Monday, May 15, 2023, and potentially continuing until Monday,

May 22, 2023, weather permitting.


We ask during these days, Monday, May 15 – Monday, May 22, 2023, all vehicles park in visitor parking.  Please do not park in front of the building in resident parking during these repair days.  The extra space will allow the contractor to work quickly and efficiently.


Please know; the roofing contractor is scheduled for these days and has deadlines to meet; therefore, any vehicles parked in resident parking on any day from May 15, 2023, to May 22, 2023, will take risk of the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.


The goal is to make the repairs for our residents as quickly and effectively as possible so please adhere to the request to park all vehicles in visitor parking during this time.


Certainly, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Thank you,

Marcie Sites

Property Manager

[email protected]


2023 Rio Hill Pool Season !



    Click the link below for a printable rules and registration form:

Pool Rules 2023 (1) Pool Registration 2023

2023 Pool Rules and Regulations


  1. Pool Hours are 11:00am till 7:00pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

The pool is CLOSED on MONDAYS except when a holiday falls on a Monday (i.e.- Memorial Day or Labor Day). In this case, it would be open on Monday and closed on Tuesday.  The pool may be closed for inclement weather, mechanical and/or other operation difficulties.

The pool will officially open May 29, 2023.  The last day for the pool season will be September 4, 2023.


  1. No person(s) will use the pool unless it is officially open, and the attendant is on duty.  Anyone in the pool area when the pool is closed will be considered trespassing, MAY BE BANNED FROM THE POOL FOR THE 2023 SEASON and/or BE IN VIOLATION OF LEASE TERMS.


  1. The pool is provided and maintained exclusively for the use of the residents.  Guest(s) will be admitted provided that the resident is with them at all times but limited to two (2) individual guest(s) per household. All guests must be accompanied by a lease holder and the lease holder must remain at the pool with the guest(s).  There will not be a charge for your guests.


  1. No admittance will be given to anyone under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area at any time.


  1. The Health Department Regulations require all swimmers to shower before entering the pool.  To keep filtration systems in good condition, please be especially careful to wash off all tanning products and other oils.  Be sure to place a beach towel on the lounge chairs to prevent staining of the chairs. Admission will be refused to all persons having an infectious disease, sore or inflamed eyes, coughs, nasal or ear discharges, or any known communicable diseases.


  1. Occupants of the apartment must be at least 16 years of age to enter the pool area without having to be accompanied by a lease holder.  Occupants that can enter the pool without a lease holder cannot bring their younger siblings to the pool area without an occupant who is at least 18 years of age.  Occupants 15 and under must be accompanied by a resident who is at least 18 years of age.


  1. All residents and guests must always wear proper swimming attire in the swimming pool and on the pool deck.  Any household member in diapers must have on a swim diaper. Cut offs or thong bathing suits are prohibited.


  1. None of the following will be allowed in the pool area at any time:  pets, floats (except for flotation devices such as small rings, life jackets, and/or arm flotations), glass wear of any type, beach balls, toys, inflatable mats, or rafts as they create safety hazards.


Food – please use picnic areas provided, and ensure all trash is properly disposed in a property trash can.


  1. All persons using the pool must agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and always be courteous to others.  No obscene language, screaming, running, dunking, roughhousing, or drinking alcohol will be allowed.  NO DIVING.  ANY VIOLATON OF THE RULES AND REGULATIONS WILL ENTITLE MANAGEMENT TO BAN OR REVOKE THE RESIDENT AND/OR GUEST USE OF THE POOL FOR A PERIOD OF TIME DEEMED NECESSARY TO PREVENT REOCCURANCE OF VIOLATION.


  1. Volume on portable radios, CD players or tape players should be kept to a minimum to not disturb others.  Loud music and/or any music containing profanity is not permitted.


  1. Removal of pool furniture is prohibited. Please do not move pool furniture.  The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible party.


  1. Residents are responsible for the actions of your guest(s). Pool facilities are SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.  A competent swimmer MUST accompany all persons who are not able to swim by themselves and/or using flotation devices.



The use of the pool and pool area shall be subject to such other Rules as may be posted from time to time.  The pool attendants may make decisions or determinations deemed necessary for a healthy pool environment.  Please always provide the pool attendants with your full cooperation.  Keep in mind; all areas are monitored by video surveillance.


All residents and any other persons using the pool, pool area, and other recreations facilities and equipment do so at their own risk.  The management accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of life, limb, or property.  Residents and their guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners and Management Company.

The pool is for your enjoyment; please keep the pool area neat and clean.  Place all trash in receptacles provided.  Observe the rules at all times; they are for your safety and protection.



Enjoy the pool and have a wonderful summer!!!!



Signatures required for ALL household members 18 and over.



_________________________________________________                  ___________________

Resident                                                                                                                                                Date



_________________________________________________                  ___________________

Resident                                                                                                                                                Date



_________________________________________________                  ___________________

Resident                                                                                                                                                Date



_________________________________________________                  ___________________

Resident                                                                                                                                                Date



_________________________________________________                  ___________________

Resident                                                                                                                                                Date

We are open by appointment! Contact Us Today!


Dear Valued Residents and Prospective Residents of Rio Hill,

Due to COVID-19 our offices are open by appointment only Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Please call us at (434) 974-6377 or fill out the form below  to schedule an appointment to view your new home.



Rio Hill Notice Regarding COVID-19

Notice Regarding COVID-19

The safety and health of our employees and the residents of our communities are important to us and we have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and all CDC recommendations, as we know you have been as well. With new information being announced frequently we will have to exercise flexibility as we deal with the pandemic and responses to it.

  • In order to take precautionary measures, we are following the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the latest information on the virus and guidelines for controlling transmission
  • We are cleaning routinely the frequently touched surfaces and objects, including but not limited to, bathrooms, security desk areas, elevator banks, turnstiles, escalators, door handles, communal kitchens or pantries, bathrooms and the like
  • We are providing and have installed where possible hand sanitizer stations in high-traffic areas of the property
  • We have advised any employees who may feel sick to limit face-to-face contact with others and to seek immediate medical help
  • We have reviewed the internal communications and preparedness plan and ensure that all property staff are ready, know their role in keeping the property and its residents safe, and are aware of all communication protocols
  • We are following Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requirements, set forth in Sections 13 and 14 of OSHA No. 1 of 2006, which impose various duties on the employer to ensure a safe and healthy work environment
  • We have reviewed leave policies and office hours with our employees
  • We have given documentation to and communicated with residents and service providers to inform them of the steps taken to clean and sanitize the property